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Sporting Event Transport – The Open 2023

Transportation for a Major Sponsor at The Open 2023. Liverpool, England.
Unique Challenge

For several years, Little’s has been the go-to provider for VIP transportation services at The Open, covering various locations across the UK. In 2023, we were required to provide a comprehensive suite of services, including airport transfers, VIP dedicated vehicles, an on-demand shuttle service to and from the course, and evening event transfers for a major sponsor of The Open. The only new challenge this year was adjusting to a different location, which our experienced team adeptly managed.


As always, our dedicated reservations team provided 24/7 support from our head office, while an on-site Transport Manager ensured smooth operations on the ground. Our commitment to excellence and flexibility was evident as we handled nearly 250 movements, covering airport and rail transfers, luxury mini-coach shuttles, and gala dinner transportation.

Our on-site Transport Manager supervised not only our own fleet but also the vehicles and drivers provided to the client as part of their Open sponsorship. Prior to the event, the on-site manager attended site meetings with the client and the R&A, alongside other Transport Managers overseeing Open Patrons. These discussions were crucial for finalising the briefing document, which was shared with all chauffeurs and coach drivers. A thorough run-through was conducted before operations commenced to ensure seamless service.

We conducted daily vehicle checks, ensuring water replenishment after every hire, despite the vehicles being away from our base. The Transport Manager maintained communication via four group chats, coordinating with transport assistants, ground teams, chauffeurs, coach drivers, and courtesy car drivers. Stationed at the client’s hotel, the manager oversaw pick-ups, shuttles, and maintained communication with agency staff, hotel personnel, and clients traveling in the vehicles.


Little’s provided our guests with the best possible service from the moment our guests were greeted at the airport until their final departures. The service was flexible and well resourced, even with our last-minute requests! The Transport Manager was great to work with and put our staff at ease with his organisation and professionalism. We will certainly be using Little’s in the future and would highly recommend them to our clients.