Environmentally friendly

Our CSR policies

Every business has a responsibility to reduce its impact on the environment. At Little’s we take this role very seriously indeed.


Efficient driving and route planning

Our corporate social responsibility policy focuses on the reduction of emissions from our vehicles and we select those with the lowest emissions in their class, and hybrids wherever possible. In saying that, chauffeuring, by its very nature, is an environmentally and responsible way of driving a car. Smooth acceleration, progressive braking and gentle steering make for an efficient journey. This yields improved fuel economy, and results in less wear and tear on a car’s components.

Route planning in advance is important too – and much more efficient than relying on sat nav equipment during the hire. Of course, it also helps that our chauffeurs know the shortest and most efficient routes.


One of the greenest chauffeur driven fleets

In 2015 we added hybrids to the saloon fleet for the first time by investing in the Lexus GS 300h hybrid. Offering greener chauffeur services is high on our agenda and our Lexus hybrids reduce CO2 and NOX emissions to zero when in EV mode.We are committed to running a fully hybrid fleet within 5 years as car manufacturers continue to develop hybrid technology into more luxury cars. In 2018 we took delivery of new Mercedes E Class and S Class hybrids, these additions to our fleet in Scotland are ideal for those looking for both comfort and safety.

All our vehicles are fuel efficient and can easily return in excess of 40 – 50 miles per gallon. Many of these run on low sulphur diesel. Even our 1933 Vintage Rolls Royce uses modern day unleaded petrol.

Our luxury saloon fleet also consists of Jaguar XJ L diesel saloons. These cars are fitted with intelligent stop/start technology – this improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions, by switching off the engine when the vehicle comes to a standstill. The car’s body is aluminium – and 50% of the metal comes from recycled sources.

Quality is at the core of our business: we carry out all our own servicing at our premises in Glasgow and Edinburgh, with all vehicles maintained to manufacturers’ standards for the duration of their life with Little’s. After servicing, all waste materials are properly disposed of and recycled by specialist companies, again minimising the environmental impact of servicing.


Water, energy and chemical use

All vehicles are washed by hand; we only use cold water. Soaps, detergents or other aggressive cleaners are not used, and we do not have any power hoses, brushes or steam cleaners which would increase our electricity consumption unnecessarily.


Replacing our chauffeur drive vehicles

For over 50 years we have had a carefully considered policy on vehicle replacement. Rather than adopting an environmentally irresponsible stance of replacing cars after only two or three years’ service, we carefully review and monitor each vehicle to ensure it meets our exacting standards.

green credentials

Our green credentials off the road

In our office, where possible our consumables are recycled. When clients request that we dispose of roadshow presentations it is securely shredded first. Plastics and metals are removed before destruction and eventual recycling. Newspapers and bottled water are only provided when requested to avoid unnecessary purchase and use. When they are provided, they are of course sent for recycling after you have finished with them.

Our office is fitted with low energy lighting and office equipment which reduces our electricity consumption during the day. We also use electrically efficient off-peak storage heating where required.