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802 Trees Planted in Little’s Corporate Grove

Each month, we track the carbon created by our Scottish fleet.

And every financial quarter, we make a donation to Trees for Life based on this. We counted the number of trees we’ve planted in our corporate grove. And how much carbon we’ve helped to offset because of them. The numbers are in…

As a company, since 2021, we have added 802 trees to the Scottish Highlands via Trees for Life! Which means that around 200 and a half* tonnes of carbon will be removed from the atmosphere over the course of each tree’s life.

We’re proud to continue our support of Trees for Life in 2024 as they are doing amazing work in the Scottish Highlands to re-wild the landscape and provide a space for wildlife to flourish. Our Green Team hope to take a trip up to Dundreggan later in the year to visit their new Rewilding Centre, that opened in Spring 2023.

As a company with cars on the road, we do our utmost to reduce our environmental impact and we have an ongoing commitment to achieving a fully hybrid & electric fleet. While the infrastructure is not currently there in Scotland to allow us to have fully electric vehicles, we are glad to be able to do something practical to still make a positive impact. Trees help to absorb CO2 directly from the air and, along with reducing emissions, research shows that planting them is one of the most effective ways of stabilising the climate. You can find out more about the sustainability practices that have earned Little’s our Silver award from Green Tourism here.

*Note: The figures above are based on the estimate that for every 4 trees, 1 tonne of carbon is removed from the atmosphere.

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