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Robert McKenna

I joined Little’s as part of the Reservations team in 2007, learning about the industry and the company itself. After around 18 months, I was promoted to the role of Operations Manager, taking on the responsibility of various operational aspects. In 2016, I became the General Manager and today, I am Head of General Operations.

At present, I oversee our Reservations and Despatch department. Working with the team to ensure we are looking after our clients’ business in a very careful manner. I also look after our newly created and growing Touring department which is very exciting. Another function of my role is ensuring our customer service and quality control levels are at a very high standard.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what my favourite thing about working at Little’s is, however, I just love the buzz and excitement around the place, particularly when we are busy. When you work with great people with similar mindsets that helps a lot too!