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Heather Matthews

As the daughter of Little’s founder, I started working for the family business in 1991 after graduating from University. I started within reservations and marketing, but as there were only two other members of staff in the office back then, other than my parents, it was a very different place. I became a Partner in 1997, and then Managing Director in 2005.

As the leader of the business, I am responsible for the culture, strategy, and growth of Little’s. I look after big relationships and special projects, the P&L and business plan, and I am active in the wider business community in Scotland, particularly in the family business sector.

As a member of the family who founded Little’s, it is in my blood. I am so proud of how much Little’s Chauffeur Drive has bounced back post pandemic, and seeing the new members of the team who have joined us flourish and become part of “Team Little’s” is very rewarding.