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Elaine Osborn

I started with Little’s in late 2020. I was asked to join Little’s during the pandemic in order to support the Senior Leadership team because of the financial struggles. I was initially only supposed to stay for three months but today, I am now part of the Senior Leadership team myself!

I am the Head of Finance, so I oversee everything from our financial risk and control framework, through to budgeting and forecasting.

My favourite thing about working at Little’s is the people! The product and quality of service come a close second though. Everyone that works here is very invested in what we do and is passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience. I love working for a business that is small enough that you get involved in all aspects of the business, including the operational aspects, but large enough that there is constant challenge and opportunity. I thrive on finding solutions to problems and, with a growing business, every day is different.