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At Little’s, we recognise how crucial it is to take the climate emergency seriously, especially as a business with cars on the road. We endeavour to do all we can to operate in a responsible way that protects the environment for the future. Did you know, for instance, that 45% of our Scottish fleet is made up of hybrid vehicles? This number is only set to rise as we continue to invest in cars that allow for a greener chauffeur experience. And, while you may have heard us talking about our single-use plastic bottle ban in our Scottish vehicles, did you know that we also work hard to reduce waste in other, non-front-facing, areas of our operations? For instance, we have fitted our offices with energy-efficient LED lightbulbs and installed motion sensors in our garage to turn off the lights when they are not needed.

As a business, we do our utmost to operate in a way that not only does the least harm to our planet but that also actively seeks to do good. With this in mind, in February 2020 our General Manager, Robert McKenna, put together a dedicated Green Team to make sure ‘sustainability’ stays a priority no matter how busy things become. This team meets regularly to ensure that we are staying on track with our goals to reduce our environmental, water, and carbon footprints. Since returning to the office full-time after furlough, they have been hard at work and are already implementing changes that will transform the way we operate as a business. For instance, we have now started supporting the conservation charity Trees for Life as a means of offsetting our carbon footprint. Research suggests that, along with reducing emissions, planting trees is one of the most effective ways of stabilising our climate as trees help to absorb CO2 directly from the air. We are excited to soon be able to start offering our clients the option to donate to our corporate grove at the point of invoicing.

We are delighted to share our Green Policy with you if you are interested to know more about what we are doing as a business: a document that brings together all of our sustainability practices in one easy-to-read format (…which, we promise, is far more interesting than the words ‘policy’, ‘document’, and ‘format’ might make it sound). Find our Green Policy on our Green Credentials page, or by clicking the link below:

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