Little’s Supports Trees for Life

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Our values drive our actions

We recognise how crucial it is to take the climate crisis seriously and want to reassure you that we do our utmost to operate in a way that not only does the least harm to our planet but that actively seeks to do good. From our growing eco-fleet, to our decision to remove single-use plastic bottles from all our cars, to our dedicated Green Team and the measures we have implemented in our head office to reduce our environmental, carbon, and water footprints: sustainability is high on our agenda. For full information on our sustainability practices, you can read our Green Policy.

We support Trees for Life

We are proud to have started supporting the conservation charity Trees for Life as a means of offsetting our carbon footprint. Trees help to absorb CO2 directly from the air and research suggests that, along with reducing emissions, planting trees is one of the most effective ways of stabilising the climate. Trees for Life plant a diversity of trees in the Scottish Highlands in a project that aims to regenerate and restore Scotland’s native Caledonian Forest, promote biodiversity, and support endangered wildlife. They estimate that for every four trees planted, one tonne of carbon is absorbed from the atmosphere.

We have committed to offsetting our Scottish Fleet

Our chauffeurs regularly track the mileage before and after each hire which allows us to calculate how much carbon has been emitted per journey. Based on this calculation, we will donate a sum to Trees for Life every financial quarter which will go towards planting trees in our Corporate Grove. Trees for Life plant each tree within 12 months of donation during one of their twice yearly planting seasons. We are delighted to be taking this positive step as part of our ongoing commitment to being a greener option for clients.