Music to Boost Your Mood

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Here at Little’s, we have been inspired by those who continue to spread hope and optimism during what has undoubtedly been a challenging time. With this in mind, each week our team will be sharing experiences we have been enjoying or are looking forward to, whether that be a binge-worthy boxset, a must-follow Instagram account, or the best dine at home experiences.

George Elliot once wrote: ‘Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music,’ and we tend to agree. There’s something wonderful about putting on a playlist (maybe while prepping dinner, or going for a run, or even lying back in the bath), letting the notes wash over you, and starting to feel the tensions of the day dissolving away. With that in mind, this week the Little’s team are sharing music that has been bringing them joy. From jazz and indie folk, to classical and rock ‘n’ roll, there’s quite an eclectic mix. Along with helping you discover some new artists, we hope these recommendations will inspire you to reflect on the music that has meant something to you these last few few months too.

Heather’s Recommendations:

Music has been extremely important to Heather this last year and has offered what she describes as ‘a quick mood changer’. ‘I bought a pair of Aftershokz headphones a week before lockdown,’ she says, ‘and they have been a game changer. That and a Spotify subscription. I love the Liked Songs function on there and have found lots of new music that way.’ Heather’s recommendations include: Taylor Swift’s latest album, Evermore. Beyoncé’s Lemonade, and the music of Noah Gundersen who she was lucky enough to see at Glasgow’s Celtic Connections early last year. She also admitted to being a bit of a Gary Barlow fan, and one of the highlights of the last few weeks was buying tickets for herself and a friend to his live show in December 2021. Something to look forward to for sure!

Robert’s Recommendations: 

Like Heather, Robert also invested in a set of headphones last year and has been enjoying rediscovering music he hadn’t listened to for years alongside discovering new artists. ‘Since March 2020, I have listened to more music than I probably have done in the last 10 years,’ he says. ‘I enjoy listening to playlists in lots of different genres including Trip Hop, Jazz, Classical, House/Trance, and 90’s Indy Music.’ Robert’s specific recommendations include the artists Tricky, Massive Attack, and John Coltrane.

Kenneth’s Recommendations:

Kenneth has been enjoying music as a form of relaxing at the weekends and, rather than recommending a specific artist, he wants instead to recommend a new method of listening. Each weekend, he’ll pick one composer he would like to immerse himself in, and will start playing their music at around 9am on Saturday morning until around 9pm on the Sunday evening. This past weekend’s pick was the great Renaissance composer, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. ‘Palestrina composed over 100 masses,’ Kenneth says, ‘over 300 motets, 72 hymns, 5 sets of lamentations and 140 madrigals or songs, so there is plenty to listen to. While his music was playing at the weekend, there was a tranquillity throughout the house and one thing I especially liked was coming back home after a walk and opening the door to the music, which I’d left on.’ Classical music isn’t the only genre this method of listening works for, and for a completely different kind of uplifting musical experience, Kenneth suggests giving The Blind Boys of Alabama a go. ‘When they played in Glasgow years ago, we picked them up,’ he remembers, ‘and they came through International Arrivals in a conga line, hands on the shoulders of the band member in front, singing their hearts out!’

Sarah Jane’s Recommendations:

For Sarah Jane, music has also been something that has kept her going throughout this last year and her #1 recommendation is the legendary Elvis Presley. ‘I’ve always been a massive fan,’ she says, ‘and have even been to Graceland! His performance of ‘If I Can Dream’ from his iconic ’68 Comeback Special is outstanding and makes the hairs on my neck stand up every time I hear it. The lyrics are pretty apt in this day and age too.’ You can watch this performance: here.

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