Our Touring Chauffeurs are dedicated to providing a personalised, entertaining and enlightening experience.  Always professional, immaculately presented and well prepared, they become an integral part of making your trip truly memorable.

Little’s Touring Chauffeur, Stephen Mckellar, says his job allows him to share his extensive local knowledge with his passengers, showcasing Scotland at its finest.

“Without a doubt, the highlights of my job are meeting new people and having the absolute pleasure of showing them the best parts of Scotland and being there to witness their jaw-dropping reactions as they take in the surroundings. On one tour just outside Arrochar, we stopped the car to enjoy a few landmarks, when a doe and fawn broke cover literally just yards away. The world simply stopped and six clients and two deer stood staring at each other for several minutes – just lovely!”

Touring Chauffeur, Mark Drummond, describes his role as one of the best jobs in the world and loves the fact that he gets to share so many special moments with his clients.

“Being a chauffeur with Little’s gives me so much satisfaction and I have had the chance to meet some fantastic people and take them to see some of the most beautiful parts of our country. One of my absolute favourites is the Isle of Islay with its magnificent scenery, friendly islanders, good food and excellent whisky. I still love going back there after 30 years.”

We know that our individually designed sightseeing tours leave a lasting impression, but don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at a selection of testimonials from previous touring clients below.