About Little’s

From three cars in Glasgow to a global operation.

The Little’s story spans five decades – and two generations. As a family business, we benefit from being able to innovate and quickly adapt to the changing needs of our clients, ensuring we provide the very best service at all times.  Indeed, that is what has driven our enviable business growth.

We are still proudly headquartered in Scotland today, and our award-winning team, some of whom have worked with us for over 20 years, provide our clients with an exceptional service no matter where in the world they are travelling.


Where it all started

Having been headquartered here for over 50 years, it’s fair to say no one knows Scotland better than Little’s. Whether you are looking to arrange a complex financial roadshow or a single airport transfer, we have the expertise and the inside knowledge to make your plans come together beautifully. Building on this, we have been providing a global chauffeur drive service since the early 70’s.

As well as our Head Office in Glasgow, we have offices in Edinburgh & London.


Local roots. Worldwide reach

Little’s offers a genuinely worldwide chauffeur service. Our team can just as easily arrange a single airport transfer in Frankfurt, as they can coordinate the travel for an entire conference in Moscow. All to the same high standards – whatever the time zone, the language or the currency.


Trust and discretion

Our clients trust us not just with their executive travel plans, but with their reputations. It’s our job to reflect the quality of your organisation in the presentation of ours. We also take security and safety very seriously indeed – such as handing confidential information to your passengers, and then arranging for secure disposal afterwards.


Seamless systems & administrative support

It’s true – the systems that underpin our business probably don’t catch the eye quite as much as our fleet. However, it’s hard to overstate the importance of having a robust infrastructure of people and technology – all designed to deliver perfect service, every time.


Personal pride – in a job brilliantly done

From our travel coordinators to our management team – our vehicle technicians to our chauffeurs – everyone at Little’s shares the same belief. It is simply this: to offer our customers an exceptional level of personal service, whether we are confirming a booking, providing an itinerary update or welcoming them into one of our vehicles.