Mary, Queen of Scots chauffeur driven tour

Mary, Queen of Scots – Historic Chauffeur Driven Tour

In January 2019, the highly-anticipated film Mary, Queen of Scots starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie premiered. The film featured prominent and beautiful Scottish locations such as Seafield Beach in Fife, Glencoe, Edinburgh, and Blackness Castle. Let Little’s assist you in planning an itinerary to visit these historic locations on a luxury chauffeur driven tour.

The only legitimate child of James V to survive, Mary, Queen of Scots acceded to the throne at only six days old. After spending her childhood in France, she returned to Scotland in 1561. Mary later married Henry Stuart, and gave birth to her son, James, shortly after. In 1567, due to her Catholic faith, she abdicated the Scottish throne to escape a Protestant uprising. After a failed attempt at regaining her throne, she fled to England to seek asylum from her cousin Queen Elizabeth I. Many English Catholics saw Mary as Elizabeth’s heir, leading Elizabeth to view her as a threat. Because of this, Elizabeth effectively imprisoned Mary for 18 years in various castles around Scotland and England.  Elizabeth eventually ordered Mary to be beheaded at Fotheringhay Castle in 1587 after accusing her of plotting an assassination.

You can easily visit many of the locations in Scotland associated with Mary, Queen of Scots when staying in Edinburgh or Glasgow. During your visit, consider allowing your Little’s touring chauffeur to stop at prominent places from her reign, such as her birthplace of Linlithgow Palace, Stirling Castle, or Inchmaholm Priory. Several Luxury Scotland hotels are located near these locations, so you can easily relax after a day of private touring. We look forward to assisting you in planning an exciting and informative visit to Scotland.

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