The V&A to the R&A – a journey of discovery or should that be Discovery

At the height of its industrial past, Dundee was famous for jute, jam and journalism – the 3 J’s which made their mark on what is now the 4th largest city in Scotland.

A dramatic transformation has taken place in part of the city along the waterfront, which means that Development, Design and Discovery trip off the tongue as readily as the 3 J’s of times past.

The re-Development of Dundee’s waterfront, culminating in the opening of the new V & A Museum, could mean that Dundee is set to become one of Northern Europe’s go-to destinations. It has taken over a decade but the striking architecture of the edgy museum has completely transformed the city scape.  A key attraction within the V & A will be the Scottish Design Galleries, highlighting the significant contribution that Scotland has made in the ‘man-made’ world. Industrial engineering features prominently, but so too do other remarkable, less well-known achievements such as glassware by the Victorian era pioneer Dresser, the Beano comic and the cutting-edge computer gaming design industry; all of which are part of Dundee and Scotland past and present.

Of course, it would be unfair to ignore The RRS Discovery, Captain Scott’s and Ernest Shackleton’s ship which took them on their famous Antarctic trip in 1901. It has been part of the city’s heritage for many years now and it continues to play a prominent part on Dundee’s transformed waterfront.

After a morning in Dundee, a short hop across the estuary of the River Tay will lead you from the V & A to the R & A – the Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St Andrews – the most famous place in the world for golf and its spiritual home. Sandy beaches, quaint cobbled streets, ancient cathedral and castle ruins, and the 3rd oldest university in the world after Cambridge and Oxford are the backbone of this magical town, and no visit to the area should be complete without a stop here.  The wonderful glass fronted Seafood Restaurant, liked by celebrities, golfers and residents in equal measure, would be the ideal place to sample some of Scotland’s finest seafood.

All this combined will ensure that you experience Scotland old and new and deliciously tasty while in the care of your own private chauffeur guide.

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