International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day – Celebrating Success of Our Female Leader

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This day aims to celebrate women’s achievements and renew efforts to break down gender barriers worldwide. In 2017, there are more women in leadership positions than ever before so we thought this would be a perfect way to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and successes of our female leader – Heather Matthews.

It has been Heather’s identification of the changing business landscape of her clients, with regards to globalisation, mobile technology and sustainability which has allowed Little’s to adapt its strategy and continue to grow at an exciting rate. By introducing a programme of modernisation, without compromising on Little’s longstanding values of quality and attention to detail, Heather has adapted Little’s strategy to ensure the offered is in line with changing client requirements. Through the implementation of a client portal, launch of a fleet of eco-friendly cars to cater for more environmentally-conscious clients and an increasing online presence, Heather has expanded Little’s into over 100 countries worldwide.
Heather’s experience allows her role to extend into to the wider Scottish business community where she is increasingly recognised as one of the most respected business leaders. Her role as one of the founding members of the Scottish Family Business Association sees her mentor others and share her knowledge of leading a family business to achieving a milestone of 50 years of business.

Heather has led her team to success internationally by: employing new staff, increasing fleet operations and continually celebrating the Scottish company’s rich heritage and core values of excellence in customer service and professionalism. Ignoring the mediocracy of the status quo, it has been Heather’s entrepreneurial drive which has propelled Little’s to the forefront of the chauffeuring industry.