Little’s Guide To eSports

Competition has been instilled in mankind since the dawn of time as our ancestors competed for food, resources and glory. Over time man’s need to compete has been satisfied through different avenues, from the invention of board games in ancient Egypt, to the creation of team-sports thousands of years ago. It is undeniable that sports have progressed tremendously since then with football, rugby, hockey and basketball played by professionals and amateurs alike across the globe. However, the latest trend in the sporting world is eSport (electronic sports) and these are certainly not played on a pitch, court or field. Gaming has become a sport of choice, and even a career choice for a talented few.

Here at Little’s we’ve compiled a list of five interesting facts, for those who aren’t so familiar with the ever-expanding world of e-sports.

1)     Essentially, players make up to 300 “actions” per minute, so have to be able to multi-task very well. Preparation may not take place on a sports-field or a court, but extensive training is still a vital part of the eSport professional’s day. Some players may train for up to 14 hours to ensure that they retain and develop their extremely quick reflexes and reactions.

2)     The eSports community does not refer to their players as “video gamers’” but as athletes. In the same way professional athletes do, these players devote their life to the sport and train endlessly, for hours and hours every day, to improve their ranking.

3)     There are many big gamer teams including: Evil Geniuses , OG, Team Liquid and Newbee. These gamers are world-famous within the eSport community and have a celebrity-like status.

4)     There is no definitive list of games played by eSport athletes. Essentially any game which is characterised by competition, will be played by gamers who want to battle it out for coveted titles. However, there are some renowned gaming titles which have been proven to be the most entertaining as a spectator sport: Fifa, World of Warcraft, StarCraft 2, Halo, Call Of Duty, Dota 2, Counter-Strike and League of Legends.

It would make sense to think that the main way spectators view the sports would be online – after all it’s a technology driven industry. However, top teams also sell out massive arenas of spectators who wish to view teams live and in action.


eSport Events Transport

EGX, the world’s biggest gaming event, is coming to the NEC in Birmingham from the 21st-24th of September 2017. This event will showcase the most anticipated console and PC games before their release, host presentations from games designers of world renowned studios, have areas dedicated to eSports and allow attendees to meet and interact with game creators.

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