6 Apps Revolutionising Business Travel

These days, you do not need to look hard to find an app designed to target almost any problem that the frequent traveller may encounter. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the very best to make sure your journey is seamless.

1. Pack Point

Pack Point is designed to revolutionise the way you pack for a trip. Even the most seasoned traveller can struggle, and packing light for unreliable weather can sometimes prove almost impossible! Luckily, Pack Point checks the weather for you and builds a custom packing list tailored to meet every eventuality. You simply input your itinerary and the app will structure your travel wardrobe accordingly. Hailed as one of the best travel apps, you can rest assured that you’ll never forget anything again.

2. Jet Lag Rooster

This innovative app aims to reduce your jet lag through the clever provision of a plan tailored to the user in order to optimise the body’s circadian rhythm when in new time zones. Simple and effective, users input their travel information prior to departure and the app gives the choice on when to start shifting sleep schedules to the new time zone. Requiring no internet connection for app users, Jet Lag Rooster is also available online for PC users, and is clinically proven to be effective.

3. LoungeBuddy

Available for both frequent fliers and occasional travellers alike, LoungeBuddy allows users to book last-minute spaces in the world’s very best airport lounges. Whether experiencing an unforeseen delay or a last-minute journey, LoungeBuddy becomes your very own airport guide, directing you to the best lounge for your needs.

4. Evernote

Described as ‘the workspace for your life’s work’, Evernote keeps you focused on moving ideas from inspiration to completion. Your best creative visions, innovative concepts and imaginative solutions are often generated whilst travelling, and Evernote makes sure these are never lost. The app allows you to collate articles, handwritten notes and photos in one place, and perhaps the best feature is that with the click of a button, your notes are transformed into presentation-ready layouts, ready to impress your colleagues.

5. Viber 

Similar to WhatsApp, Viber allows for free calling, texting and photo sharing across continents. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with co-workers, associates and family whilst travelling, Viber can create group messages with up to 200 participants, and is also fully supported on iPad. The phone-call sound quality is also very high, meaning international phone calls need no longer be a worry.

6. Word Lens 

For those a little lost in translation, Word Lens offers a different approach to your regular interpretation tool. Designed with a focus on cafés and restaurants, this app operates by the user taking a picture of the menu, and then translates it to your native language. Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it does not require internet, which is perfect for those travelling with no international data plan. At the moment, the app supports English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Portuguese.

What To Expect In 2016

Apps to assist with operational and travel efficiency are expected to come to the forefront of travel technology in the coming months. 28% of US flights were delayed last year, sparking the evolution of apps that notify business travelers of disruptive travel environments, giving time to adjust plans accordingly. Follow Little’s Twitter channel for updates as these apps are released.

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