Scotland Welcomes The Year of Food & Drink

Welcome to 2015 and a Happy New Year from Little’s in Scotland.

With 2015 being designated the “Year of Food and Drink” here in Scotland, there can be few better ways to enjoy the best of Scotland’s produce than on a plate and in a ‘poke’ – a term which will be familiar to many from southern US states and which is just as popular here too!

So how will this year of food and drink start? January will see the country’s annual commemoration of Robert Burns, and while the majority of celebrants might partake in a traditional haggis, mine this year will be a luxurious venison (deer) haggis from Seriously Good Venison. It’s every bit as good an accompaniment  to the neeps, tatties and dram which all go hand in hand on Burn’s night.

I’m always eager to explore the many restaurants in Scotland whose heritage lies in Italy and the first place I’ll be heading to in Edinburgh this year will be Contini Cannonball. In the 1950s many Italians came to Scotland and their legacy has left a mark on the food and drink of many Scottish towns and cities. Given Contini Cannonball’s central location, proximity to the Castle and the Italian heritage behind it, it has all the ingredients to be a relaxed and very tasty experience. Keep an eye on the Little’s blog for my food reports in the coming months.

No reference to Scotland’s food would be complete without a mention of fresh mouth-watering seafood, especially on the west coast, where the jagged coastline lends itself to dropping your own lobster creel or diving for scallops. I leave the latter to the experts and deal with them when they arrive in our Highland kitchen, ready to be married perfectly with room temperature butter, chopped parsley, a little lemon juice and a hot frying pan!

So why the mention of a ‘poke’? Well one of my favourite food experiences each year, on a clear spring day, is my first trip to the working fishing harbour in the Ayrshire town of Troon.  Here at MacCallum’s take out called The Wee Hurrie, you can buy the freshest, most deliciously cooked fish, all served wrapped up in a ‘poke’. 100 yards from the door you can sit on the rocks, and look across the Firth of Clyde to the mountains of Arran, a view which would have been all too familiar to Robert Burns.

If your clients are planning a trip to Scotland this year, having a driver guide will let them make the most of Scotland’s food and drink, in what will be another great year for the best small country in the world. Allow myself and my team of expert tour designers create the most exquisite culinary tours to suit your clients’ tastes.

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Blog by Kenneth Good, Operations Director & Touring Expert