4G Connectivity A Standard within Little’s Cars

Little’s launch 4G in Scottish Fleet

All major mobile networks have launched 4G services allowing customers to download at a speed 5 times faster than the current 3G allowance. With the corporate business traveller constantly working on the go Little’s have now launched 4G in our Scottish fleet.

With over 45 luxury cars in Scotland, our extensive fleet of Jaguar and Mercedes vehicles are now equipped to broadcast a 4G signal whilst travelling. As a forward thinking transport provider, Little’s expect that as the 4G network expands, this facility will be integrated into all vehicles worldwide as a company standard.

Little’s Managing Director Heather Matthews believes innovation is the cornerstone of Little’s success as a leader in the chauffeur drive market. “With innovation at the forefront of our investment programme, we have prioritised providing our business clients with ‘constant connectivity’ when travelling in a Little’s car. The Commonwealth Games will begin on 23 July shortly followed by the Ryder Cup in Perthshire from 26 -28 September, making this the ideal time to offer this additional service.”

Whether you require chauffeur driven airport transfers or a mobile office for a multi city roadshow you can rest assured you will have access to a 4G signal with Little’s.

To experience a new level of travel provision please contact Little’s by emailing reservations@littles.co.uk or calling +44 (0)141 883 2111.