Business Travel Trends – it’s all about Asia

Are you travelling to Asia with work? We’ve noticed a significant increase in enquiries for booking travel in Eastern and South East Asia this year, as it seems the Far East is high on the agenda especially for financial road shows.

This year we’ve broken into new markets in these regions including Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines. We’ve also increased our bookings in key business travel locations like China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Why we’re growing in this market? It’s simple…

 24 hour international support: One of the biggest challenges when booking international travel is time zone differences, which are difficult when both sides are working within office hours. We’ve made this simple for those booking travel as we manage all global travel requirements with 24 hour international support, so you never have to worry about time restrictions when booking with us.

• Language barriers aren’t an issue: Another obstacle that can come with using companies across the globe is potential language barriers.  As we provide clients with one point of contact you don’t have to worry about booking travel in a country where you don’t know the language.

• One invoice in one currency: By streamlining the booking process, our clients don’t have a pile of invoices from various companies in different currencies, instead all travel booked in one month (wherever it is in the world) will be detailed in just one invoice, saving time and money for those booking business travel.

By working closely with our international partners, we can confidently maintain a high level of service wherever you’re booking your travel.

In the last few years our international growth has been significant in the Middle East, North and South America, Africa and across Europe. Our expansion in East and South East Asia is testament to our team, offering a high level of service and chauffeur driven cars to our clients worldwide.

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