Little’s – Financial Roadshow Season

Little’s Guide to Financial Roadshows

As we approach financial roadshow season, our team of Reservations Executives are working hard preparing for a busy spring period. Planning a financial roadshow can be a lengthy task but sometimes a few helpful tips and advice on the best way to book travel can make a huge difference when planning and executing a roadshow. To start with you need to consider the length of the roadshow – on most occasions a roadshow lasts one or two days and takes place in one city however,  in some instances,  they can last up to three weeks and include travel to numerous cities and through various time zones.

Once you have confirmed your initial itinerary your next task will most likely be organising the travel between each investor meeting.  Having a strict travel schedule is imperative for the success of a roadshow.  A chauffeur driven car is not only the safest but also the most reliable way to travel for such a crucial process.

Little’s have been established since 1966 and have been involved in financial roadshows for many years on a daily basis. Our team will look after your roadshows from beginning to end and this isn’t just on the day.  We will organise and manage your itinerary from the moment you have secured your first investor meeting. During the roadshow itself we will inform you of any changes as well as being available 24/7 for any last minute amendments you may have. You won’t need to phone two or three different transport providers as we are here to coordinate your roadshow from city to city and continent to continent.  Don’t think twice about your CEO being in a different time zone as we will ensure their chauffeur is ready and waiting well before departure. Being roadshow experts we will ensure that the travel on the day runs to perfection.

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